About Me

I began my training in 2002 at Central Sussex College and qualified as an Integratively trained Psychotherapeutic Counsellor in 2005. Since then I have gained a wealth of experience working in agency and charity settings as well as in private practice.

I currently work as a Counsellor and Supervisor in Private Practice and in Primary schools in Brighton and recently left my post as counseller at a residential secondary school where pupils have emotional, social and behavioural issues. I also supervise trainee and qualified counsellors both in groups and as individuals in charity and Educational settings as well as in Private Practice.

My 'style' would be described as Humanstic meaning that I believe strongly in the power and therapeutic quality of being in relationship with another and of the ability of the other to change and flourish given the right conditions.

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I am also very creative and believe that there are many different ways to work with an individual so am very happy to work with my clients to find out which way of working fits them the best. Creativity is extremely helpful because it bypasses our cognitive, (thinking), defences to allow us to find out what it is that is keeping you stuck.

I hold very dear a strong sense of integrity that affects my work in every way. I can be gentle, fun and humorous as well as being 'strong enough' to hold anger and despair. When in relationship with me you are considered in all of your experience on an emotional, cognitive, behavioural, spiritual and physiological level, whilst respecting and taking into context your social and cultural backgrounds.

People are often curious about what it's like to be a counsellor and, for me I can only describe my sense of humility as I am allowed into that other person's world. I appreciate and cherish greatly their journey and am able to empathise with their courage as I, too, know how it is to open yourself up to another and share the secrets of your soul.

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The following quotation describes how I aspire to be as a counsellor.

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It is taken from Elizabeth Goran a New York City psychoanalyst in her book Beyond the Reach of Ladders.

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