My Experience

I have worked within an agency setting as a volunteer and a paid counsellor since 2002 and set up my Private Practice in 2005, here I work with adults, young people and couples both heterosexual and same sex. For my couples work I am also able to offer a joint experience with another counsellor Lulu Russell - - which is sometimes helpful to the dynamics of couples work.

The agencies I have worked for are:

I am a very experienced practitioner and also work in primary and secondary schools in the Brighton and Hove area which I have done since 2008. Here I work children and young people both individually and in groups, it is also extremely important to build good relationships with their parents so find an important facet of this work encompasses working with the family, whilst being mindful of the confidentiality of the relationship too, and helping to signpost to other agencies that may be of help to the family as a whole.

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The world spins. We stumble on. It is enough.

Colum McCan

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